Free Smart Thermostat For Ontario Residents

Smart Thermostat

Free Smart Thermostat For Ontario Residents.

The Government of Ontario has initiated Free Smart Thermostat Program for eligible Ontario residents. The Ontario Government is going to set up Green Ontario Fund for the amount of $377 million. A big part of this fund will be used for GreenON Installation Program. 100,000 new Smart Thermostats will be installed in Ontario. Smart Thermostats are internet connected and can be used to remotely control the temperature of the house. The Smart Thermostats can also sense if there is no one in the house and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Who Can Participate?

If you are a home owner or tenant living in Detached, Semi-Detached or Townhouse then you are eligible to participate in this program. Residents of Condos or multi-residential dwellings are not eligible for this Program.

How To Get Smart Thermostat?

1. Registration

You can Register Online (click the link) or call the Call Centre

2. Book An Appointment

A GreenON Representative will call you to book an Appointment.

3. Home Visit

A GreenON Representative will arrive as per schedule to check the installation point.

4. Home Energy Report

A customized Home Energy Report will be sent to the Applicant.

The GreenON Installations program is now open for registration for installations in 2018. Sign up now using the form below. Participation in the program is limited and is being rolled out across the province starting this Fall. A GreenON Installations program representative will contact you to set up an appointment and let you know when they will be in your area.

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